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Bangor Area High Testosterone Isocaproate Uses School grad aims to make history on Tour de France circuit

View full sizeOregonian Photo JAMIE FRANCISBangor Area High School alum Jennifer Cree, left, and Heidi Swift, both of Portland, Ore., train May 29 in Portland for a women's ride on the Tour de France route. They are scheduled to ride the first stage Friday and Buy Jintropin stay one stage ahead of the men for the entire race, which begins Saturday.

For roughly three weeks each July, some of the world's best athletes test their physical and mental limits in a bicycle race across lush European landscapes in search of a grand finish line along Paris' storied Avenue "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" des Champs Elysees.

But a lesser known fact about the Tour de France, now in its 99th year, is that participation is only open to men.

That's where 36 year old Jennifer Cree, a Bangor native and graduate of Bangor Area High School, comes in.

Starting Friday, Cree will be one of six women attempting to complete each stage of the Tour de France route a day in advance of their official male counterparts. If successful, they would be the first women to have ever done so.

Cree, who lives in Portland, Ore., left for Europe on Tuesday. Both the women's circuit and the men's race, which begins Saturday, leave from the Belgian city of Liege. The women's run is organized by Reve Tours, Generika Kamagra Shop a company that offers cycling trips in Europe.

Adding a chapter to the history books wasn't what Cree signed up for. Instead, she said, the challenge in itself was enough Nandrolone Cypionate of a thrill.

"Let's see if we can try to do this," Cree, a dental hygienist, recalled saying to herself after initially agreeing to participate.

View full sizeOregonian Photo JAMIE FRANCISHeidi Swift, Comprar Gh Jintropin left, and Jennifer Cree pause during a training run last month in Portland, Ore.

While it will take Cree 2,173 miles to reach the finish line in Paris, her biggest cheering section might be at home in the Slate Belt, where her twin sister and mother are wishing her well.

"It's just something she's always dreamed about," said Cree's sister, Amy Schweitzer, of Bangor. "She lives, eats and breathes bicycles."Schweitzer said the sisters once completed a little more than half the length of the Tour de France 13 years ago, when they biked the Pacific coast from Seattle, Wash., to Tijuana, Mexico, with their two cousins.

Cree's mother, Anna Moffett, said it was her daughter's upbringing in the Slate Belt area that instilled in her a love for the outdoors and biking.

"It was great for them to live in this area where they have the Gensci Jintropin countryside," said Moffett, now of Skull Valley, Ariz.

While Moffett is proud of her daughter's determination, she's also hoping that Cree will get a chance to take in the sights while taking a turn in one of the world's most grueling competitions.

"This is going to be such a wonderful opportunity for her," Moffett said.

Between juggling a full time job and a grueling training schedule, Cree

said the physical and mental toll of preparing for a route like the Tour

de France has been "huge" but her family's unwavering support has played a big role in her perseverance.

"I just really appreciate the support from my family and friends that I've received," said Cree. "They've done such a great job of reaching out to me and letting me know they support me no matter what happens."Jennifer Cree, 36, a Bangor native living in Oregon, is among Testosterone Booster China six women tackling the Tour de France route starting Friday. They will ride each stage a day ahead of the men competing in the 2,173 mile race's 99th running that begins Saturday.



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